📖Dictionary of Terms

Operators: Refers to Hub operators, the individuals or entities managing and maintaining a Hub within the Metastudio ecosystem.

CCU (Concurrent Users): The number of players simultaneously active in a multiplayer game.

Community Staking: A process where projects can stake Frostbit tokens to access new features, special hub expansions, full game library unlocks, and other premium features within the Hub.

User Staking: A process where individual users can stake Frostbit tokens to participate in polls, earn rewards, and contribute to Hub developments.

Gas Fees: Transaction fees are required to perform operations within each Hub.

Tickets: A standard exchange token used across all community hubs (can be customized).

Gacha Systems: A feature that allows players to spend tokens for a chance to win random in-game items or rewards.

Season Passes: A feature that provides users with access to exclusive content or rewards over a specific period.

Taverns: Special areas within the Hub where members can create and manage their own sub-communities.

Native Ad Network: A system designed to integrate ads within games and the Hub, creating monetization opportunities without disrupting the player experience.

In-Game Currency: Virtual currency used within mobile or online games for various game transactions and purchases.

Token Utility: The various uses and functions of a token within the Metastudio ecosystem.

Hub: An interactive space for Web3 communities, projects, and casinos, enhancing traditional social platforms with gamified environments where players can connect, have fun, and earn rewards.

WEBGL: A web technology that allows games and other interactive content to be rendered in web browsers without needing plugins.

Token Generation Event (TGE): An event where tokens are created and distributed to the initial supporters and investors.

Pre-Sale: An early sale of tokens to initial supporters before the TGE.

Airdrops: Free distribution of tokens to the community.

Community Rewards: Tokens allocated to reward the most active community members over multiple years.

Liquidity: Availability of tokens in the market to ensure a healthy environment.

Multiplayer Games: Games that allow multiple players to play together or against each other in real-time.

Back End: The server-side infrastructure that supports the operations of the Hub, ensuring smooth and efficient performance.

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