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Games Release: 5 Under Development (Own and Outsourcing): 5 Awards: 1 (BIG)
MetaStudio is a clandestine brotherhood of game developers and designers working to construct the Metaverse secretly. We are a select assembly of misfits and outcasts bound by our fervor for creating immersive, avant-garde games. We are always searching for new brethren to join our ranks and aid us in shaping the future of gaming.
Once upon a time, in a realm where the gaming industry reigned supreme, a clandestine assembly of passionate industry professionals was profoundly shaken by the emergence of play-to-earn games.
Despite their fascination with the concept, they were shocked at the manner in which these games were constructed - with scant regard for gameplay and an undue emphasis on gambling and player exploitation.
Their disillusionment with the gaming industry's direction grew all-consuming, driving them to seek refuge in the shadows. Rather than surrendering to the darkness and relinquishing their cherished passion, they resolved to take matters into their own hands.
With a visionary understanding of blockchain technology, they endeavored to create a gaming environment that was not only superior but also just and fair. The ember of their idea ignited a flame that would blaze with an intensity that would change the course of gaming history.
The founding members of this clandestine society were not mere neophytes. On the contrary, they were experts in the entertainment realm, with years of experience in the entertainment industry and as the founders and directors at one of the most prestigious online academy training concept artists, VFX artists, animators, 3D artists, (CG MASTER ACADEMY).
But they knew this was not enough to bring their vision to fruition; a team of elite developers and designers was paramount. They commenced their quest by allying themselves with Orbit, a game studio from Brazil with a gifted team and a reputation for creating award-winning games.
However, they yearned for a team that was intimately familiar with blockchain technology and possessed the capacity to help them explore the farthest reaches of their imaginations. To that end, they joined forces with Somnio, a team of experts assisting in their Web3 endeavors.
The cornerstone of their efforts was the construction of their first IP, Rune Realms. At the outset, they intended to launch it as an NFT project within a year to raise funds and nurture the growth of their studio from there. Yet, as their team continued to expand, so too did their horizons, with MetaStudio blossoming into something far greater.
Three years have elapsed since the inception of MetaStudio, and the saga of their journey is epic in its own right. They commenced as a cadre of industry professionals, bound by their zeal for creating immersive and visionary games. With the aid of blockchain technology and an unwavering commitment to quality, they have cast their gaze toward the future of gaming, with MetaStudio at the vanguard of that movement.
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