Mission Vision Principles



Web3 gaming lies a grand opportunity to revolutionize the gaming industry and forge new collaborative ties between studios and players. Our secretive society, MetaStudios, has committed to this pursuit with unwavering vigor.
Our grandiose mission? To metamorphose into a co-creation powerhouse, working hand in hand with our players, and to rise to the summit of the web3 gaming sphere by erecting a safe haven, and immersive experiences for players venturing into the mysterious world of Web3 gaming.

The Problem

Most play-to-earn games unrolled in 2021 have met an unfortunate end within three to six months. Even the top games in the space have experienced a steep 20% plummet in their monthly user base. What went awry? The fundamental structure of their core business was lacking.
The reason?
  • The game studio leaned on their own token to fund the product, with no profitable returns.
  • The games themselves were found to be dull and tedious, with a lack of engaging gameplay that proved unenticing for players.
  • Furthermore, "Ponzinomics" created a highly predatory economy that was ultimately unsustainable.
  • The Web3 landscape was wrought with daunting challenges, and expensive leaving teams rushing their projects to release their projects.

Our Approach

MetaStudio resolved to pay the price for a superior product. Our motto? "Build slower, but build it right." We meticulously toil away, leaving no stone unturned. Our current project, Rune Realms, has been in development since the inception of the studio, and we're not done yet, as we focus on testing and refining the concept to overcome the aforementioned issues.


To become the most player-centric game studio on Earth, where players can discover their tribe, co-create with the studio, and thrive as we flourish.