💰How will the funds from minting be utilized?

The funds raised through minting will be strategically utilized to support our company's growth and execution of our 10-Year Roadmap.

We plan to allocate a significant portion of the funds to finalize the production of Rune Realms, our MMORTS (GAAS) built on Polygon. This game is a critical component of our strategy to establish a steady cash flow and build a strong foundation for future projects.

We will also use some of the funds to expand our team, bringing on talented individuals who share our vision and can help us achieve our goals.

This will allow us to execute our roadmap faster, and develop more games as a service.

By creating low-maintenance, medium-high cash flow mobile games, we can effectively iterate and test new ideas, and find product-market fit enabling us to execute our vision and create a sustainable business model that benefits our team and our players, and golem holders.

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