What I'm Minting?

In short: Gamified Deflationary NFTs that give you a Revenue Share percentage at MetaStudio. This Revenue Share percentage includes all revenue sources generated by MetaStudio, its future games developed post-mint, Outsourcing Revenue, and any other future sources of revenue.
Golems hold a specific percentage of MetaStudio's revenue. By merging golems, you can increase their rarity and revenue share percentage.
Shrines enable the activation of your percentage by staking golems. Each shrine can accommodate four golems, and your game island accommodates five shrines. Bonus: If you hold our NFT Collection, you can expect to receive 90% of the revenue generated through hard currency sales in Rune Realms (Web3 only) during the first year, distributed according to your overall percentage.

How does it work?


To start, you will need to Mint a Shrine. Shrines allow you to "Stake" your golems and activate the Revenue Share % your Golems hold.
  • Each Shrine allows you to stake 4 Golems.
  • You can have up to 4 Shrines on your Island.


Golems hold the Revenue Share %. You can mint as many golems as you want or acquire them in a secondary marketplace.

Gamified Investment

Golems will always start as commons. However, there is a randomization aspect to the Golem type. You are only able to merge golems with the same type.
Golems have 5 Rarity tiers; each Rarity increases the Golem $ Value.
To upgrade to the next rarity, you must merge and burn 4 (Four) golems of the same type and rarity. e.g.:
4 Common Fire Golems -> 1 Rare Fire Golem
4 Rare Fire Golems -> 1 Unique Fire Golem
This merging feature will decrease the total Golem Supply.
PS: This is on a DEV Build, the Golems DO NOT Change Type.

Revenue Share Details & Golem Percentage Values

Golem Rarity
% Value
Total Revenue Share
10% Of MetaStudio

Web3 Hard Currency Distribution

If someone purchases our hard currency in Web3 during the first year of Rune Realms, you will receive a share of the revenue generated from those sales. The exact amount you will receive depends on the overall percentage you hold.
  • 90% of the revenue generated in the first year
  • 40% in the second year
  • 20% in all subsequent years.

Deflationary Golems

Our deflationary golems system was developed with the belief that as our studio expands and individuals merge their golems, the value of each golem will increase.