Who can Mint?

Our minting structure allows everyone to mint a Golem and a Shrine. However, if you are part of our Discord, you can take advantage of a discounted rate for the Golem.
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First come first serve
First come first serve

How To Mint?

Step 1: Fund Your MetaMask Wallet with Polygon Matic
To begin, you'll need to have some Matic in your MetaMask wallet. If you don't have Matic yet, you can acquire it through popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. Here's how:
Sign up or log in to your Binance or Coinbase account. Purchase Polygon (MATIC) using your preferred payment method. :Mni: Transfer the purchased MATIC to your MetaMask wallet's Ethereum address.
(Make sure you have the chain in your MetaMask)
Alternative Step 1: Bridge Your Funds (Optional)
If you already have funds in your wallet on another blockchain (e.g., Ethereum), you can bridge them to the Polygon network. Bridging is a process that allows you to transfer assets between different blockchains, such as from Ethereum to Polygon.
You can use one of the following platforms to bridge your funds:
Synapse Protocol:
Choose your preferred platform, follow the instructions provided, and transfer your assets to the Polygon network.
Step 2: Obtain Matic and USDC
To mint your NFTs, you'll need some Matic for transaction fees (1 matic should be enough, 2 just in case) and USDC for mint. Here's how to get them:
Add the USDC address (0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174) to your MetaMask wallet.
Visit QuickSwap Exchange: :golem: Connect your MetaMask wallet and swap some of your MATIC for USDC.
Shrines cost $100 USDC
Golems Cost $20
You can mint as many as you want, FCFS, BUT! you can only have 4 shrines per island, if you end up getting more than 4, you'll have to transfer to another wallet.
Step 3: Mint Your Shrines and Golems
Now, you're ready to mint your NFTs! Follow these steps:
Go to the Rune Realms Marketplace:
IMPORTANT STEP Once you approve the contract For security reasons it will ask what is the maximum amount you want to spend, you can either type it or just click on max
Mint at least one shrine and one golem. More shrines will grant you more perks in the upcoming game. You can mint as many golems as you want. When you have 4 golems of the same type and rarity, you can merge them to create a new, higher-rarity golem. Higher rarity golems offer greater bonuses on your hard currency sales in Web3 and have a higher RevShare %.
Step 4: Manage Your Golems and Shrines
To manage your newly minted golems and shrines, visit the following website:
Congratulations! You've successfully minted your NFTs on Rune Realms. Enjoy your new digital assets and the exciting perks they bring. Happy minting!